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Even though I got a "new" car (used, but new to me) recently, I still had to get on the bike this afternoon because it was so nice out. Not sure how far I rode; I was looking for a way of riding to the head of the Rock Island Trail without having to ride on Knoxville, which is a busy street (a state highway, really) with almost no shoulder, but the street I took north, Sheridan, curved east and met Knoxville where it curved west. Hmmm. I may have to try University, even though it's half-a-mile further west and is not much more bike friendly than Knoxville. Anyway, just a great day to get out.
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Yesterday I was on foot, because a) I had a flat tire and couldn't find a spare tube, and b) it was raining. So, I took the bus and walked to where I needed to go, which included the bike place for some parts. I did take my bike backpack, which has a yellow rain cover that also serves to make me more visible--very nice, since part of the walk doesn't have a sidewalk. I put in at least 2 miles on foot, and ended up with some good finds, including some very comfy "lounge pants" which aren't PJs in the same sense that "action figures" aren't dolls. ;)

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May. 21st, 2007 10:08 pm
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Did the round trip to work and back today, although not necessarily on purpose... missed the bus, which I was planning on taking there.  But it wasn't too bad; I even went up the incline on Knoxville north of Lake, which I had thought that I'd have to walk. It didn't kill me or even wipe me out as much as the mile or so that I rode back from the repair shop, just last week. I'm getting my bike legs back, I think.

I'm enjoying what I missed about cycling, which is that I'm going slow enough to really see things, but fast enough not to get tired of the experience. Cycling gives me more of a chance to interact with my environment. I rode past some public school lunch ladies who were picketing in protest of proposed outsourcing of the school lunch program. If I hadn't been riding, I probably wouldn't have ever seen them.
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I'm fond of cursing people who drive SUVs solo; I'm always thinking, "Why does someone need an overgrown truck to pick up a couple of bags of groceries?" Well, the thing is, neither do I. Especially since I've had a couple of really nice panniers for some time now.

It's difficult to tell the scale, but they're the size of two large paper sacks, maybe a bit more. They worked great. I also worked out a route to the supermarket that is relatively flat--nothing as complicated as The Wiggle, but it does avoid some hills while I'm getting my bike legs back.
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I rode my bike home from work today (our local bus system has racks on the front of their buses so that people can bike 'n' ride; probably one of the most progressive things about Peoria; I used that to get to work). According to Mapquest, it's 3.2 miles. I was going to go further on, to the local comics shop and back, but I was just too damn exhausted.

I used to go on 100 mile bike rides.

I got me some catching up to do.
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...holy crap. I mean, holy crap.
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Behold, I give you the bicycle...


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